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At BalanZ Consulting we admit we are a bit crazy.
We get excited where most normal people get bored.

What we do

We love spending even our free time, developing or improving Business Models. Our main hobbies can vary from International Financial Management, Operational Management to Commercial Management and even Change, Cost or Crisis strategies.

It’s fun experimenting with controlling costs. And for sure our Marketing is much worse than Steve Jobs ever was. However we still manage to convert Market Studies, Prospection and Lead Generation into Sales, obtaining some remarkable ROI’s. 

Our clients seem satisfied.

Our services

International Financial Management

Operational Management

Commercial Management

Change, Cost or Crisis strategies

How we do it

True, BalanZ Consulting (BC) might sound like your ‘working-nightmare’!! We work a lot, gaining valuable expertise at the speed of light, and of course, sometimes being way too innovative, but we love it!
From micro companies up to big International Organizations, we never discriminate. But please give us a challenge or we might get bored. We’ll shake your problem several times upside-down to find (y)our solution, and implement a better and/or more efficient process or strategy.

We listen and we talk, finding the right balance between your input and our advice. And use our soft skills, the specialty of the house.

A good interaction with our clients and new colleagues is important. This is how we successfully change what is necessary for your company.

We go international

We are also a big fan of International Trade. Because we love to work across borders we keep our focus on International Markets. For many companies including ‘Internationalization’ in their Business Strategy is a must.
Have you considered International Trade can not only boost your sales, but often helps to grow to the size that optimizes your cost structure? Your company may suddenly be able to specialise or to invest in innovation,  also spreading risks geographically or just offering the continuity you were looking for? And of course, there’s the exposure that attracts (human) capital that was maybe not accessible before…

If your company is convinced this is the way to go, we are ready to do the dirty job.

We help you find the best International Strategy to maximize your growth potential. From the preparation of your company for International Trade to actually finding a reliable Sales Channel, and much more…

Work with us

Do you want to work with one of established Consultancy Firms on the market? Please contact them, we’re sure they are doing a good job.

But if your company is open minded enough to believe in a non-stereotype approach, or that some of the best inventions happened when people were thinking different? Then we are convinced a satisfying collaboration might be on its way. And chances are, we will spend a memorable time together. Because it’s also supposed to be fun!

We don’t mind an Interim or other Project-based jobs. Or even longer…

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